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The land of fire and ice

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Reykjavik Region

From Keflavik, to the Blue Lagoon, to Reykjavik, and beyond the capital region has so much to offer.

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Golden Circle

The most visited sites in Iceland are close to the capital and can be completed in one day. 


South Coast

The South Coast is littered with gorgeous waterfalls and is the gateway to Thorsmork.



Vik is part of Iceland's Southern Region, however, the area deserves a section of its own for the beautiful, but deadly black sand beaches and spires with rise out of the North Atlantic. 

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Vatnajokull National Park

Containing the largest glacier in Europe, Iceland's biggest national park allows visitors to experience glacier hikes, ice caves, glacial lagoons, and so much more.

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Hofn is a quaint fishing town with fantastic food and breathtaking views at nearby Stoksnes. 

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East Fjords

My favorite area in Iceland is also one of the least visited. Do not skip these fjords on the ring road. 


The North

Northern Iceland is a diverse landscape with baren rocky desert, massive waterfalls, towering fjords, geothermal pools, and more. 


Snaefellsnes Peninsula

This rugged peninsula boasts fantastic sweeping views nestled between quaint fishing villages. 

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